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Gary Carlson Consulting is now Factor Firm. For up to date information about our enterprise scale Taxonomy, Information Architecture, and User Experience offerings please visit us at here!

Gary Carlson Consulting specializes in information management. With our expertise and experience we focus on how information is used to drive your revenue, customer satisfaction, and operational efficiency.

For us, the most important part of any information management project is understanding how information supports your business.

How We Work

We build your business needs into your information projects from the start of the process—whether we are developing a taxonomy or ontology, providing training, or executing a full information assessment. Read more about our services.

Through our expertise, we quickly identify who to talk to, what to ask, and how to ask it.

Who We Work With

We have worked extensively on major information and knowledge management projects and products spanning taxonomy tools, SharePoint 2010, search, auto-categorization, expert systems, content management, governance and overall information infrastructure. Read more about us.

Based on our work with a wide variety of companies, including some of the worlds largest organizations, we bring over 20 years of perspective, expertise, and credibility to understand your information management infrastructure and how it relates to your business needs.

Need more? Contact us at 206.579.9732 or email

“Gary is one of the most creative and insightful technology professionals I’ve had the pleasure to work with. In a challenging environment, Gary kept our project moving and made it enjoyable with his sense of humor. ”
– Kendall Kunz
CEO, Bellevue Technology Partners, Inc.
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