Gary Carlson Consulting

Business Driven Information Management


We provide a full complement of services that make information work better for your business. Our services include:

Information Infrastructure Analysis

We provide an in depth look into your information, existing information systems, workflows and stakeholders. Then, by reviewing marketing research, analytics, sales goals, and customer feedback, we will provide a complete analysis and set of recommendations. All recommendations will map directly to your identified business needs and have measurable outcomes.

Assessment and Training Workshops

We offer one-day to five-day workshops covering content strategy, taxonomy, ontology, and metadata management, business case development, requirements gathering, best practices, and ROI development. These can be a great way to jump start an initiative.

Our assessments start with a proven methodology that we adapt to your needs to help you capitalize on your taxonomy and metadata efforts to date, and enable you to plot the technical components of your content strategy. One of our most popular offerings is a 2-3 week Taxonomy Assessment in which we conduct an audit of your taxonomies,ontologies, associated content, systems, workflows, and business drivers to identify a comprehensive set of requirements and a roadmap. The business benefits of this Taxonomy Assessment include full visibility into your current Information architecture/taxonomy design, a roadmap for implementing future taxonomy design, defined roles for your business and IT stakeholders, as well as design recommendations for improving search, streamlining integrations, and creating a more responsive change environment for your Information Management team.

Taxonomy Development, Integration and Maintenance Strategy

Our experience in multiple industries and both Internet and Intranet projects ensures that the taxonomy is designed, built, managed and integrated in a truly scalable manner. Whether your project will drive Search, Navigation, System Integration, Content Tagging, or Business Intelligence (or a collection of these) we have the experience to create the right strategy and implementation.

Solution Design

We will work with Business Owners and Stakeholders, IT Teams, Data Modelers, and End Users to make sure your information focused solution meets the needs of your organization. We have extensive experience working with business and technical teams on large scale taxonomy and information management projects. We know the right questions to ask and we can ensure that the business and functional specifications will reflect both the business and technical realities of the organization.

Request for Proposal Development

Our expertise in this area allows us to identify the right people and ask the right questions to make sure that your RFP succinctly describes the requirements for your desired solution.

“Gary quickly identified who to talk to, what to ask and how to ask it. It was clear that his work with a wide variety of companies gave him the perspective, expertise, and credibility to understand our information management infrastructure. ”
– Samantha Starmer
Manager, Online Operations & Architecture, Recreational Equipment Inc. (REI)
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